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We offer windowsills from one of the most beautiful and most popular marbles available at Polish market, such as NAPOLEON DAINO REALE (known also as BRECCIA SARDA).

Its unique and beautiful veins and colour matches to wooden elements, what leads to inimitable interior charm.
Windowsills made from this stone are manufactured under NAPOLEON brand name.

Marble is the material perfectly matching with other interior finishing elements at your house or flat.
The benefit of marble as a construction material is exceptional look and durability of rock, it is also popular material for kitchen tops, bathroom tops, fireplaces and stairs.

Avaiable colors

Technical data

Cleaning and maintenance of marble:

You should use only agents with neutral pH during cleaning and maintenance of natural stone products. Marble surfaces should be cleaned with hot water, than wiped dry with soft cloth.

You can use for maintenance:

  • Colourless wax, that will not alter the natural shades of marble and only reveal and vivify its natural beauty.
  • Special sealing agents for pores at stone surface, that generally protect the mineral from soaking. We have stone impregnates at JARO-MAX offer. You should remember, that surface should be absolutely clean before the application of such impregnate, as impregnate forms a layer at marble surface, that is not permeable for humidity and creates a colourless film. Eventual impurities left at marble will be visible through colourless sealing layer and they cannot be removed with simple treatment

Important information:

You should avoid the application of glues or daily care products with pH higher than 10 and avoid leaving such substances on the surface

General enemy of marble products are impurities. They leave dangerous mellow when not removed, leading to decreased gloss and damage to surface. After thorough initial cleaning, clean state and regular cleaning with water and natural pH cleaning agents is required.

Popular products damaging the surface are as follows: juices, shaving foams, alcohol drinks, soda, perfumes, nail polish removers, ketchup, mustard, vinegar, cleaning agents other than for stone, hair agents, shampoo, soap with EDTA, salt, sand, toothpaste, toilet agents, drain cleaners and any liquid containing acid or alkaline.