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Marble conglomerate

Flakes and granules from the noblest marbles combined with resins provide remarkable shades, that freely form interior design.

When you assembly the marble conglomerate windowsill, your desired climate can be even more strongly underlined. The availability of carefully selected colours with various tones is something what distinguishes our offer.

Colour patterns available in our offer combine the advantages of classic stones – coarse conglomerate – with those perfectly composing with contemporary design – fine conglomerate.

Available colors

Technical data:

Available thickness:

Approximate weight of 1m2 of material is:

There are 2 types:

Available profiles for windowsill finishing:

How to maintain the conglomerate?

You should use only agents with neutral pH during cleaning and maintenance of conglomerate products.
Surface should be cleaned with hot water, than wiped dry with soft cloth.

You can use during the maintenance of conglomerate:

  • Colourless wax, that will not alter the natural shades and only reveal and vivify its beauty.
  • Special sealing agents for pores at stone surface, that generally protect the mineral from soaking. We have stone impregnates at JARO-MAX offer. You should remember, that surface should be absolutely clean before the application of such impregnate, as impregnate forms a layer at marble surface, that is not permeable for humidity and creates a colourless film. Eventual impurities left at conglomerate will be visible through colourless sealing layer and they cannot be removed with simple treatment