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Rolled mosquito nets are ideal solution in the places, where total uncovering of window or door recess is demanded.

One important advantage of rolled mosquito net is unrequired disassembly at winter season, as cassette is assembled at external side of window or in the orifice and it protects the net from damage.


Rolled Jaro-Roll

Modern type of mosquito net is designed for assembly at window and door recess and at roof windows. It is ideal solution also in the places, where complete uncovering of window or door recess is demanded. It is fitted with rails and spring system, that enable the net unrolling and rolling into cassette.

JARO-ROLL mosquito net is available in vertically and horizontally rolled version, is a tight system stopping the insects and impurities from outside.There is also the option of additional brake decreasing the net rolling speed.

Available colours:

  • White– RAL 9016


How to measure the dimension of JARO-FRAME mosquito net?

Measurement depends from the assembly method of rolled mosquito net. When mosquito net is assembled inside window recess, you should measure the height and width of opening and take into account delicate play, so as to freely insert the roller into recess. When assembly is done outside window opening, you should measure the width of runners, the height of cassette, thickness of cassette and lower bar and recount total mosquito net dimensions.

Vertical JARO-ROLL mosquito net.
Dimensions are provided in mm.