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Frame mosquito nets are ideal solution in the places, where the application of fixed mosquito net is impossible and door opening is demanded.

Frame mosquito nets for windows are generally characterised with easy installation. Installation of these mosquito nets is done without any tools and does not interfere with window construction. During winter these mosquito nets can be easily disassembled.

Frame mosquito nets can be matched with the majority of windows.

Frame Jaro-Frame

Mosquito net protects our houses and flats from insects that can be very annoying especially at summer.

The frame is assembled with lock overlapping the window seal, therefore assembly and disassembly is easy and non-invasive, both. Mosquito net profile is made from extrusion aluminium, what guarantees excellent rigidness. Fine graphite net protects the interior of our homes and is practically invisible; impurities do not reside on it.

Available colours::

  • White– RAL 9016
  • Dark brown – RAL 8019
  • Antracyt – RAL 7016
  • Golden Oak
  • Oak
  • Any colour from RAL palette

sample colors

How to measure the dimension of JARO-FRAME mosquito net?

In order to correctly measure the frame mosquito net, you should measure the window frame clearance, so called length “from seal to seal”.

A – width of window frame clearance
B – height of window frame clearance

Additional dimension is width of window rabbet and it is important for JARO-FRAME mosquito net. Basing on the thickness of rabbet, we select respective lock for frame assembly at window.

When you take the measurement, you should mind the mosquito net profile overlapping the window frame from external side with dimension of 15mm.

Cross-section of frame mosquito net JARO-FRAME.