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Door Jaro-wing solo

Mosquito nets are dedicated to door recesses. They are perfect solution in the places, where the application of fixed mosquito net is impossible and door opening is demanded.

Additional bar in JARO-WING SOLO plays also the role of handle, thanks to which you may open or close the wing. It is fitted with one spring hinge and magnet preventing from self-opening of mosquito net.

Available colours:

  • White – RAL 9016
  • Dark brown – RAL 8019


How to measure the JARO-WING SOLO mosquito net for doors?

Measurement depends from the assembly method of JARO-WING SOLO mosquito net.

When mosquito net is assembled inside door recess, you should measure the height and width of recess and take into account two centimetres of free space from both sides (width of hinge and magnet) and delicate play, so as to freely insert the roller into the reces. When assembly is done outside the window recess, you should measure the width of profiles, hinges and magnet and recount total mosquito net dimensions

JARO-WING SOLO mosquito net

A – total width
B – total height
Dimensions are provided in mm.

In the event of hinges and magnet, its width is provided.