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stone polisher

Ideal for care and shining of stone. Creates a protective layer on the surface, reduces the visibility of minor scratches. Suitable for polishing.

  • granites
  • marbles
  • marble and quartzite conglomerates    
  • For indoor and outdoor use.


grease stain cleaning paste

Ól und Fettenfernerpaste is a cleaner for removing grease and oil residues from stone surfaces. It is suitable for all natural and artificial stones and is effective on heavy staining. It is free of acids, alkalis, wax and silicone. Odourless. Has a light creamy consistency for easy application to polished surface.


A special impregnation that protects against the penetration of water, grease and oil. Dirt can be easily removed and the stone retains its ability to breathe. Approved for contact with food. For indoor and outdoor use.


stone cleaner

Highly concentrated and extremely efficient agent for thorough cleaning of building dirt. Removes layers of wax, cement, paint, rubber and soot stains from the surface of all natural stones, travertine, slate, granite, brick, stoneware, etc. Harmless for the environment.